Melissa Holley of Colorado, is the first ever recipient of the ProCord product. See how a totally paralyzed (before the treatment) girl moves her feet
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Proneuron Biotechnologies: Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury and other Neurological Disorders
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ProCord - an experimental procedure for spinal cord injuries

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The Early SHOW, CBS

February 27th, 2001

Broadcast of an interview with Proneuron's first spinal cord injury patient, Melissa Holley of Colorado, and Dr. Valentin Fulga, previous Senior VP Development for Proneuron. Ms. Holley is the first ever recipient of the ProCord.

To see the interview, use the following links:

Daily Healthfeed
11 July 2005
BBC News
26 Sep 2005

Video broadcasts featuring interviews with Procord recipient Justin Richarson

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Proneuron Biotechnologies is engaged in research
related to spinal cord injuries and paralysis cure.

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